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Uncoated Steel Strip - Cold Mill / Temper Mill

Steel strip is frequently heated as a part of a cleaning process, prior to coating, or during heat treatment.  Unless the surface texture and degree of oxidation is tightly controlled, the emissivity of the steel strip can vary dramatically.  When the strip emissivity is very low, as with cold rolled strip, then the multi-wavelength PRO 100 series infrared thermometers are required for accurate temperature control at high temperatures.  For those applications where the strip emissivity will remain higher than about 0.40 (carbon steel alloys), or 0.60 (stainless steel and electrical steel alloys), then the dual-wavelength model 80 sensors may be used.  For those cases where the emissivity is exceptionally well controlled, or for measurement at low temperatures, then a short-wavelength single-wavelength PRO 40 sensor may be used.



  • Williamson’s unique multi-wavelength technology allows for reliable and continuous measure of steel strip temperature over an exceptionally wide range of emissivity values.
  • Williamson’s unique dual-wavelength technology allows for reliable and continuous measure of steel temperature for higher emissivity strip.
  • Williamson’s unique short-wavelength single-wavelength infrared thermometers provide the most accurate temperature reading for low-emissivity strip where emissivity values are reasonably constant and known.