Dynamic Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers

How MWx Pyrometers with Dynamic ESP Technology Work

Multi-wavelength industrial infrared thermometer technology is used to measure the temperature of non-greybody materials. These are materials for which the emissivity not only varies but varies differently at different wavelengths.

Traditional multi-wavelength pyrometers use static, application-specific algorithms to compensate for complex emissivity characteristics. The MW pyrometers assume that the surface conditions for these applications are relatively consistent, but dynamic multi-wavelength pyrometers work differently.

The Williamson MWx pyrometer uses Dynamic ESP Technology to compensate for more significant variation in surface character and conditions without adjustments.

For aluminum hot rolling mills, the surface character of the aluminum varies dramatically as it goes through the reversing mill, so the traditional MW technology is not appropriate.

For high temperature (<900°F/480°C) aluminum billets, there is an elemental migration of aluminum to the outside billet surface that dramatically changes the emissivity of the billet surface, which the traditional MW technology is not able to manage.

In each of these cases, MWx technology is able to automatically compensate for these dynamic changes in surface characteristics without any additional adjustments or correction factors.

 Download the MWx-AS Datasheet 

Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill & Strip – MWx-AS

  • +/- 10°C accuracy for all passes across all alloys at the roughing mill. No additional offsets or adjustments are required
  • Can be used to measure the top or the bottom of the strip
  • Real-time temperature feedback allows rolling mills to better control the bite, pressure, speed, and coolant to optimize the rolling process.

The MWx-AS technology can be used at the following locations at the Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill:

  • Ingot
  • Reversing/Roughing Mill (top and bottom of strip)
  • Finishing Mill

Aluminum Billets – MWx-AB

The MWx-AB technology can be used for high temperature aluminum billets (above 900°F/480°C) for extrusion and forging applications.

  • +/- 5°C accuracy for high-temperature billets where current MW technology is not repeatable
  • Can be used to measure the side of billet or cut face of the billet
  • Better temperature control of high-temperature billets ensure a faster throughput while maintaing product quality and reduces the scrap rate.

Measurements can be made along the following billet surfaces:

  • Side of Billet
  • Cut face of billet

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MWx-AB - Aluminum Billets

MWx technology accurately measures high temperature billets where MW technology falls short. MWx pyrometer only works when looking at the side of the billet. No specific algorithm or offset is required – MWx-AB works across all alloys. Pyrometer output is set for 400-1100°F (200-600°C), but will only measure temperatures down to 575°F/300°C.