Where Wavelength Matters

Are you using the right wavelength? Find the right solution and maximize performance for your specific application.

Accurate and Reliable Products

Each Williamson pyrometer is custom built for your specific application needs, ensuring you get the most accurate and reliable temperature measurement solution for your process


With thousands of successful installations all over the world, we have developed a wealth of information on how Williamson Infrared Pyrometers can improve productivity and quality in just about any application.

Wavelength Matters

Williamson is passionate about helping customers solve challenging temperature measurement problems so that they can improve product quality, increase process efficiency, and control costs. We recognize that each application has its own unique challenges and for over 60 years, Williamson has developed customized solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. So what makes us different? We believe that wavelength matters. Why does wavelength matter? Because thoughtful wavelength selection can dramatically reduce or even eliminate errors due to optical obstructions, emissivity variation, background reflections, and misalignment.


  • +/- 10°C repeatability across all alloys, across all passes
  • Eliminates the need for complex tables of offsets for each alloy and pass.
  • Increased levels of temperature measurement accuracy for the control of rolling mill bite, pressure, speed, and coolant.
  • Ensures non-smoking flaring conditions
  • Allows operators to adjust the flow of air or steam to ensure maximum combustion efficiency
  • Output uninfluenced by flame size, or flame composition for all H-C gasses
  • Specialty-wavelength that can view through up to 5mm of water
  • Popular for Steel Mill Quench applications
  • Available as a fiber-optic pyrometer