Industrial Infrared Thermometer Technologies

Williamson offers 6 different types of infrared temperature measurement technology with a variety of wavelength options, multiple optical configurations, temperature spans, and accessories to ensure that each infrared thermometer can be optimally configured for each application.

infrared thermometer technologies


single-wavelength infrared thermometer

Single-Wavelength Pyrometers

  • Short-Wavelength (SW)
  • Long-Wavelength (LW)
  • Specialty-Wavelength (SP)

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ratio infrared thermometer

Ratio Pyrometers

  • Two-Color (TC)
  • Dual-Wavelength (DW)

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multi-wavelength infrared thermometer

Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers

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mwx infrared thermometer

MWx Pyrometers

  • Aluminum Strip (MWx-AS)
  • Aluminum Billet (MWx-AB)

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petrochemical infrared thermometer

Petrochemical Sensors

  • Flare Monitor (FM)
  • Pilot Monitor (PM)
  • Flame Intensity Monitor (FI)
  • Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)

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hot slug detector infrared thermometer

Hot Slug Detector

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infrared thermometer options and accessories

Options & Accessories

  • Pro Series
  • Silver Series
  • Fiber Optic

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MWx-AB - Aluminum Billets

MWx technology accurately measures high temperature billets where MW technology falls short. MWx pyrometer only works when looking at the side of the billet. No specific algorithm or offset is required – MWx-AB works across all alloys. Pyrometer output is set for 400-1100°F (200-600°C), but will only measure temperatures down to 575°F/300°C.