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Industrial Infrared Thermometer Technologies

Williamson offers 6 different types of infrared temperature measurement technology with a variety of wavelength options, multiple optical configurations, temperature spans, and accessories to ensure that each infrared thermometer can be optimally configured for each application.

infrared thermometer technologies


single-wavelength infrared thermometer

Single-Wavelength Pyrometers

  • Short-Wavelength (SW)
  • Long-Wavelength (LW)
  • Specialty-Wavelength (SP)

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ratio infrared thermometer

Ratio Pyrometers

  • Two-Color (TC)
  • Dual-Wavelength (DW)

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multi-wavelength infrared thermometer

Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers

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mwx infrared thermometer

MWx Pyrometers

  • Aluminum Strip (MWx-AS)
  • Aluminum Billet (MWx-AB)

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petrochemical infrared thermometer

Petrochemical Sensors

  • Flare Monitor (FM)
  • Pilot Monitor (PM)
  • Flame Intensity Monitor (FI)
  • Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)

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hot slug detector infrared thermometer

Hot Slug Detector

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infrared thermometer options and accessories

Options & Accessories

  • Pro Series
  • Silver Series
  • Fiber Optic

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