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Steel Infrared Temperature Sensors

The steel mill is a demanding environment filled with interferences and other challenges that make reliable temperature measurement difficult. This is a barrier for many steel manufacturers, as temperature control is critical for creating the high-quality product that customers expect.

Williamson is dedicated to providing unique and creative solutions for iron and steel infrared temperature measurement applications. With the right infrared pyrometer temperature measurement technology—and careful wavelength selection—you can view through interferences and get reliable, accurate temperature measurements to guide your process.

It’s vital to select the right technology for the job; you need steel infrared temperature sensors that are perfectly suited to your unique applications. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of industrial temperature sensors, as well as several innovative technologies for difficult-to-measure applications. Significant sensor features include:

  • High-performance dual-wavelength compensates for misalignment, dirty optics, and emissivity variation
  • Patented multi-wavelength technology with application specific ESP algorithms
  • Unique narrow-band single-wavelength design

These (and other) unique features make Williamson steel infrared temperature sensors the superior choice for steel manufacturers. Our line of industrial pyrometers are accurate, reliable, and can be customized to your unique applications, making them ideal for any position in your steel mill.

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