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Calibration Systems

CS100 – Hot Plate Calibration System

Model CS100 is used to heat and test metal samples over the temperature range of ambient to 950°F (510°C). This system provides a fast and simple offline method to verify the accuracy thermocouple probes.

BB550 - Blackbody Calibration Source

The Model 550 is a high stability, transportable, blackbody, reference source designed for on-site or laboratory calibration of infrared pyrometers up to temperatures of 2750°F / 1500°C.

Six silicon carbide elements heat the conical ended cylindrical blackbody cavity to 2650°F / 1450°C in approximately 30 minutes. A 3-term controller holds the set temperature to within +/- 1K/2°F.

The Model 550 can be used as a transfer standard, providing calibration by the comparison method, using optional standard radiation thermometers. Alternatively a traceable calibration certificate can be supplied for the source, as an optional extra, where direct traceability is required.

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