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Pilot Flame Flare Stack Monitoring

Pilot Monitoring

Application Overview

Flammable vent gasses are ignited by a pilot flame when released into the atmosphere by refineries, natural gas processing plants, and petrochemical plants. The proper incineration of these gasses is a critical safety and environmental concern. Therefore, it is essential to confirm that the pilot is lit at all times. Monitoring via a thermocouple is common, however failures frequently occur and replacements can require costly process shutdowns. Remote sensing IR technology (PM) is the superior alternative.

Williamson Wavelength Advantage

The Williamson Pilot Monitor (PM) utilizes proven dual-wavelength technology to sense the presence of the small, distant pilot flame. This technology allows the pilot monitor to view clearly through severe weather conditions caused by fog, wind, rain, snow and sleet.

Pyrometer Benefits
  • Self-regulating means no on-site calibration
  • May be grade-mounted for easy access
Wavelength Technology
  • 30% greater sensitivity means greater reliability
  • Includes Signal Dilution output for measurement validation and diagnostics
  • Large viewing area for easy alignment

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