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Pro Series Short-Wavelength Pyrometers

Short-Wavelengths Reduce Error From Emissivity Variations

For most applications, selecting the shortest practical wavelength is recommended. Shorter wavelengths result in smaller errors. In fact, short-wavelength sensors can be 4-20 times less sensitive to emissivity variation compared to long-wavelength sensors.

Short-Wavelengths Can View Through Optical Obstructions

Wavelength selection is a critical factor in Williamson’s short-wavelength technology. By choosing the correct wavelength span, you can view through water, steam,flames, combustion gasses, plasmas, and other common industrial interferences.

Temperature Limits:
0 to 5500°F / 0 to 3040°C (actual ranges vary by model)
Spectral Response:
0.9μm, 1.6μm, 2.2μm, 2.9μm
Optical Resolution:
Range of optics selectable by model.
0.25% of reading or 2°C whichever is greater
Better than 1°C 
0.010 to 1.500

 Download Datasheet 

Select the Wavelength needed to view through the common interferences.

Common Applications

  • Low Temp Metals
  • Thermal Reactors
  • Melters
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces

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