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Smokeless Flare Stack Monitoring

Flare Monitor

Application Overview

Smokeless flares incinerate flammable hazardous vent gas with the assistance of supplemental high-velocity air or steam to prevent the formation of soot or smoke. Excessive injection of air or steam reduces combustion efficiency resulting in the release of hazardous VOC gasses while inadequate injection of air or steam results in the formation of undesirable soot and smoke. Although modern flares are designed for high flow rates associated with an emergency condition, they most commonly operate at high-turn down, low-flow rates, making it challenging for the flare to operate at optimal combustion efficiency.

Williamson Wavelength Advantage

The Williamson Flare Monitor (FM) utilizes proven dual-wavelength technology to monitor the ratio of carbon to available oxygen deep within the hot flare flame. This ratio value correlates to combustion efficiency and is used to adjust the flow of air or steam to smokeless flares, thus assuring smoke-free operation and maximum combustion efficiency.

Pyrometer Benefits
  • Assures smoke-free operation and maximum destruction of VOC gasses
  • Used for Manual or Automatic feedback to control steam or air flow
  • May be grade-mounted for easy access
Wavelength Technology
  • Uninfluenced by flame size or position within the field of view
  • Uninfluenced by flame composition for all H-C gasses
  • Unaffected by stack configuration or presence of steam

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