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Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)


In a petrochemical refinery or natural gas processing plant, sulfur is extracted from the crude oil or natural gas product stream as amine gas, sour water stripper, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. The sulfur is then recovered in the sulfur plant using a thermal reactor called a Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), also known as a Claus reactor. Accurate temperature measurement allows for maximum amine acid gas and sour water stripper gas throughput without overheating the refractory wall. This assures a safe operating condition and extends refractory life. The Williamson SRU sensors are used to replace troublesome thermocouples which can not survive this hostile, acidic environment.

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Key Product Features

The Williamson SRU class pyrometers are designed specifically for this demanding application and eliminate many of the common problems associated with other types of temperature measurement devices.

  • Infrared technology avoids contact with corrosive gases
  • Compact fiber-optic configuration eliminates bulk and active cooling
  • Warm flange mounting reduces or eliminates sulfur deposition within the optical path
  • Built-in human interface can be mounted at a convenient location
  • Solid state electronics eliminates moving parts and assures long-term calibration accuracy
  • Thoughtful wavelength selection assures measurement of only wall temperature or only gas temperature
  • Engineered stainless steel accessories permit simple installation and easy start up

Product Specifications

Options & Accessories

SUTC - Start Up Thermocouple Assembly

(requires Mounting Flange Assembly)

FOFMSRU2 – 2”, 150# ANSI Mounting Flange Assembly

with infrared window, purge port and union

FOFMSRU3 – 3”, 150# ANSI Mounting Flange Assembly

with infrared window, purge port and union

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