Thanks for choosing the Williamson Silver U-Series!

To make changes and adjustment to the Silver U-Series pyrometer settings, please download the Williamson SilverConfig Software. Connect your Silver U-Series to your computer using the provided USB cable to make individual pyrometer setting changes.

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Compensating for Optical Obstructions and Emissivity Variations with Single-Wavelength Technology

Williamson Short-Wavelength Advantage Infrared pyrometers rely on making a reading based on the amount of energy collected. The amount of energy collected can be affected by emissivity variance and optical obstructions. Selecting the shortest possible wavelength helps…

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The 6 Infrared Pyrometer Technologies

Pyrometers, or infrared temperature sensors, have been around for quite some time now and as you can imagine come in all different types and varieties. Many of them have different temperature spans, different optics, different designs, features, etc. There are…

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6 Questions We Ask to Determine the Best Pyrometer for Your Application

Whenever we get a new request to help a customer with a new application, we often run through a series of questions to help them determine the best (most suitable) pyrometer for their application. These questions aren’t just picked at random, as they each have a…

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