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This is part 3 of the 4-part Aluminum Hot Rolling Mill application note series – be sure to check out the rest of the series!

Application Overview:

Tight control of finishing temperature assures the desired mechanical properties and a blemish-free surface. The low and highly variable non-greybody emissivity character associated with this aluminum process dictates the use of multi-wavelength infrared pyrometers.

Williamson Wavelength Advantage:

The traditional multi-wavelength (MW) technology works well at the finishing mill where the process is highly repeatable. While the temperature may vary from alloy to alloy, this variation is repeatable. For exceptional accuracy and repeatability across alloys, the MWx technology is required.

Pyrometer Benefits:

  • Assures Desired Mechanical Properties
  • Prevents Surface Blemishes
  • Optimizes Line Speed

Wavelength Technology:

  • Williamson multi-wavelength technology automatically corrects for the non-greybody emissivity variation associated with this application.
  • The MWx Dynamic ESP Technology and the original MW Technology both produce repeatable temperature readings at this location across all alloys, with the Dynamic ESP Technology producing more absolutely accurate values.

Suggested Models:

  • Pro MWx-AS-11, 575-1100°F / 300°-600°C
  • Pro MW-20-20, 400-1100°F / 200-600°C

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